Phil Taillon steps into role as CEO of South Shore CVA with focus on furthering Region tourism

Phil Taillon steps into role as CEO of South Shore CVA with focus on furthering Region tourism

The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (CVA) has been promoting the economic growth and development of the Region’s hospitality industry since 1983, and now, under the leadership of recently named CEO Phil Taillon, the organization is entering a new era shining the spotlight on all the exciting developments happening in Northwest Indiana.

Taillon, a Region native, has previously worked with the South Shore CVA heading up tourism events like 219 Day and the Festival of the Lakes

“I always enjoyed that aspect of my job,” Taillon said. “I had plenty of other responsibilities as well, but I knew that being a leader for those events was something I really enjoyed. The South Shore CVA always seemed like a fun opportunity to be a part of because you get to work on events not just in one community but throughout the entire county.”

The new CEO is excited to step into the role for the South Shore CVA and support the bureau’s mission of bringing attention to the many events happening in the Region. As a lifelong Northwest Indiana resident, Taillon wants to see the continued growth of tourism and economic development.

“Ideally, we will help all the communities we serve to create new, innovative events and attractions that will grow tourism in Lake County by leaps and bounds,” Taillon said. “There’s a lot of opportunity out there. Our organization needs to keep moving the perception of Lake County in the right direction.”

One of the methods Taillon plans to employ to attract more people to the Region is taking advantage of what’s already here. From its gorgeous natural ecology to its vibrant city scenes, Northwest Indiana has plenty to offer to tourists and potential residents. The South Shore CVA under Taillon will shine a light on this.

“We already have a lot to offer: the lakefront, beaches, some of the coolest downtowns, many attractions, and lots of events,” he said. “Continuing to grow those is the ultimate goal for me and this organization. As we do that, it's going to lead to positive impacts such as more people staying in our hotels, shopping at our small businesses, using our restaurants, and so on and so forth.”

One thing Taillon is especially looking forward to is the potential Lake County convention center. With the state backing the project and multiple local organizations invested in it, the long-discussed project is beginning to feel within reach. Taillon believes having a convention center would open up a wealth of opportunities for the area.

“I think that'd be really important for us; it gives us opportunities that we don't currently have,” Taillon said. “Specifically, it could bring more attractions and events for young people. People go to school here, and when they graduate, they move somewhere else. We've got to try and focus on what we can bring to this area that will keep the young people invested in the area where they grew up. A convention center opens up a lot of possibilities for us, and that's something I'm going to be talking about as much as I can.”

With Taillon’s connection to the Region, he is sure to succeed in his role as CEO.

“To have grown up here and to have been part of a lot of the cities and towns in different aspects throughout my entire life gives me an advantage in understanding the history of each community,” he said. “It's important for this role in particular to have that historical knowledge of this entire region.”

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